2014 Los Angeles Women’s Safety Awareness Month Focus: Breast Cancer Prevention

Going to California to cover the 2014 Los Angeles Women’s Safety Awareness Month gave us a pleasant surprise, to be honest. We went there without checking out the activities prepared by the local government units since we thought they would be the same as anywhere else. You know, there would be talks on how to avoid harassment, as well as instructors coming to teach basic self-defense moves to the women in the audience. While these things did appear throughout the celebration, they also touched a topic that also endangers the female population up to this day: breast cancer.

Here are three ways to reduce the risks of acquiring this illness.


Source: unsplash.com

1. Lead A Healthy Lifestyle

The primary thing to keep in your memory bank is that bad habits often hurt your health. If you drink more than a glass of alcoholic beverage every day, your chances of developing cancer increases. If you refuse to exercise and let go of processed food, that is like a come-on sign to the disease. To avoid being receptive to substances that cause cancer, for that reason, you should lead a healthy lifestyle now.

2. Get Rid Of Toxins

The toxins in your body do not merely come from the foods you eat or the polluted air you breathe in when outside. They can also originate from your overexposure to gadgets, which are made up of dangerous chemicals. E.g., cadmium, mercury, lead, beryllium, et cetera. You cannot see it, but these elements can pass through your skin, enter your bloodstream, and become the causative agent of cancer later.


Source: unsplash.com

3. Avoid Birth Control Pills

Lastly, it is impossible to lower the risks of getting the C word if you are still taking birth control pills. Yes, they stop women from having an unwanted pregnancy. Yes, they regulate the menstruation cycle of those with PCOS and other illnesses. However, they are as carcinogenic as diesel exhaust and tobacco; that’s why you should avoid them.


Help yourself to stay free from breast cancer. Follow the tips above now. Good luck!