Having Anxiety Over Your Bad Breath? Here Are Some Tips You Shouldn’t Miss

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Way beyond the looks, people – especially women – deal with anxiety over how their breath smells. As you know, it is not enough to have a beautiful face. That won’t matter if your acquaintances cannot stand the stench that comes from your mouth.

The truth is that the dragon breath isn’t merely a result of not speaking a lot during the day. The harmful bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract have contributed to that offensive smell. Nevertheless, don’t think it signals the end of your career or love life. You can still take probiotic for bad breath treatment, right?

S. Salivarius M18 and BLIS K12 are among the leading oral probiotics currently available in the pharmacies today. To see the best outcome with these products, try to understand the tips down below.

1. Stop Worrying About Age

The sum of years you’ve spent on this planet can never limit your chances of curing halitosis. You can be 17 or 70 at this moment and still have a sweet smelling breath once you obtain the probiotics.

It is safe for different ages, especially since one dose does not fit all. The doctor will prescribe a quantity that matches your years, which makes sense as every person has a specific number of good bacteria in the gut.

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2. Check Your Immunity Level

You may ask, “Probiotic is supposed to be safe; why is this necessary?” The reason is that scientists need to conduct further clinical trials before claiming that it won’t affect individuals with a weak immune system in a disturbing way.

What we know at the time of writing is that immunosuppressed or immunocompromised patients cannot fight off the pathogens that may try to infect the body. Whether it’s good or bad bacteria, due to the low immunity level, the system can’t give a proper response towards the foreign entity. So, while a conclusion has not been drawn on the matter, it may be better to look for a different solution for the foul breath.

3. Scope All Your Options

Once the physician says you can consume probiotics, feel free to study numerous active cultures.

You’re already aware of the S. Salivarius strains I’ve mentioned in the intro. The most researched so far is the BLIS K12 species, which is said to release lantobiotics that can eliminate dangerous bacteria. It makes a killer combination with the M18 species, and analysis has shown that you may decrease the oral probiotics’ dosage levels after 14 days.

A couple more promising strains you should hear about are L. Salivarius and W. Cibaria. You can typically find the former in the gastrointestinal tract where it generates lactic acid. This substance may boost your immunity, reduce the bleeding of the gums, and remove the causative agents of smelly breath. The latter, meanwhile, is a naturally occurring probiotic in children’s mouth. The present studies related to it may be too few, yet there is already one proving its capability to lessen the volatile sulfur-producing compounds in that area.

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4. Find The Best Form For You

Though good bacteria supplements are dose-dependent, they can appear in various forms. Upon seeking a doctor’s advice and you realize that the issue comes from the gut, you may prefer taking the pill. This way, the live active culture can combat the bad bacteria where they all are.

If you’d rather eat it like candy, there are flavored tablets up for grabs in the market. The extra ingredients typically combined with the probiotic cannot decrease its efficacy as they have also been derived from natural products.

A different approach is to rinse the good bacteria solution, assuming that the microorganisms emitting the foul odor inhabit the mouth. The benefit of opting for this method is that the probiotics may ease a sore throat, get rid of cavities and plaques, and prevent ear infections.

5. Eat Probiotic-Rich Foods As An Alternative

Are you a skeptic about supplements in general? Being one should not stop you from gaining probiotic for bad breath. After all, you can search for so many food varieties, which can provide your daily dose of good bacteria.
The standard choices available are yogurt and probiotic juices. There are milk products as well which have been cultured with Lactobacillus strains. However, remember that only the unsweetened, organic kinds contain the highest number of live microorganisms.

In case you cannot take dairy for some reason, the pickled beets, hummus, raw kimchi, tempeh, and sauerkraut may be more appetizing for you.

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6. Consider Adding Prebiotics

When you are already consuming probiotics once a day, you may think of getting prebiotics too. You have to remind yourself that bacteria, even the good ones, have to feed on something to spread. Their system does not require it like our body needs food to survive, that’s true, but the nourishment that comes from the prebiotics can ascertain that they will outnumber the bad bacteria.

Such a compound can be purchased in both powder and capsule forms. Depending on the main ingredient, the individual can take it once or twice daily. Nonetheless, you may want to check out its natural sources like asparagus, okra, radish, onion, etc.

Ready For A Fresh-Smelling Breath?

Halitosis isn’t as incurable as AIDS or the big C, so you have plenty of chances to remedy it. If the tips given above cannot save your mouth from reeking, though, you should consult a reliable physician.

Good luck!