Self-Defense: An Important Factor For Women


Women are naturally fragile and defending themselves is the least they can do about their attackers. There are certain things that they have to understand to be able to protect themselves from unwanted behaviors. They have to learn how to shield themselves from people who wish to harm them in several abusive ways. “Empowerment self-defense classes are really what we call evidence-based, in that they look at the ways that women are assaulted and the things that work for them,” says Jocelyn Hollander PhD.




Be Vigilant Especially In Places That You Are Not Familiar With

Try to research before going to a specific place. It is essential to have an awareness of the environment that you will be facing so that you can be ready. You have to set focus on things that might or might not harm you and work your way to allow the defense. Always remember to become fully alert in securing your physical and mental awareness to avoid unfortunate incidents. Do not try to roam around secluded places and try to bring a companion as much as possible. Try to stay at your place whenever you are not familiar with the locations you want to visit or at least let someone guide you for security purposes.


Always Keep A Simple Weapon For Defense

A woman can secretly bring simple weapons in case something goes wrong while walking along the streets in the middle of the night (just for instance.) An example of these things is hairpins, cuticle pusher, ballpoint pen, high heels sandal, homemade pepper spray and a small knife. These things can be helpful to protect your life from a harasser. Always organize your materials so you can quickly identify its location inside your bag. Bring some of these with you all the time just for safety reasons and purposes. You can save yourself and might stop the criminal if someone is not around to help you.


Learn Self-Defense Moves

A woman should know even a little bit of self-defense to protect herself. She can enroll in self-defense classes that teach women to properly use their body to be able to get out of the unwanted situation she might experience. It will allow her to fight against her attacker single-handedly. Try to calm down, apply the things you learn and think positively. Always remember to set focus and don’t let distractions take the best of you. “It is every woman’s right to protect herself and the statistics show that self-defense training helps to stop sexual assault and rape,” says psychologist Scott A. Bonn Ph.D.


Use the public as a shield




Your attacker is everywhere, and you have to keep in mind that there are several excellent approaches that they can use to get to you directly. Be mindful to read bodily gestures and go to public places if you happen to notice unusual things. Do not let your harasser manipulate you and put him in a situation where he won’t have the chance even to start harassing you.

Criminals such as serial killers, snatchers, rapists, and thieves are everywhere. If you are going to a place with a strange profile, be fully aware of your surroundings and always be ready to shout for help if something wrong goes unavoidably. Women are fragile and can quickly get scared, but the knowledge that they have in self-defense can help a lot, especially in some critical situations. “Self-defense offers women an option for risk reduction and maintaining their safety in ways that increase their freedom to the world, rather than limiting their freedom and options the way that relying on avoidance strategies and male protection does,” says experts Dr. Jill Cermele, and her co-author Dr. Martha McCaughey.