Self-Defense Gadgets For Women On The Go

It’s not about being paranoid, but let’s admit it, the streets are becoming more and more unsafe for women, young and old.   Cases of violence and harassment against women and girls are increasing day by day, and statistics say that 45% of women don’t feel safe walking alone at night. “When individuals experience their world as particularly threatening and unsafe, their risk of emotional distress and mental illness escalates,” says Lyn Yonack, MA, MSW, BCD-P.




But women can’t just stay locked in their homes because they’re afraid that they might get mugged in the dark alleys or be harassed while


Cool Weapons and Gadgets that Can Save You

Carrying a gun is not always the answer, and besides, bringing guns just anywhere is not allowed.   But you can have cool gadgets, not as dangerous as guns, that you can carry with you.   You can use them effectively to defend yourself when facing hazardous circumstances.


Pepper Spray

Nowadays, cute colored bottle pepper sprays are available on the market. Some are even disguised as lipsticks.   Pepper spray may not entirely debilitate your attacker, but it is useful if adequately used as it can hurt him.  Be sure that after spraying it onto the target area (face if possible), run fast and call for help.


Lipstick Stun gun

Girls just love lipsticks, and this one is pretty life-saving with almost 3 million volts and a 100-lumen flashlight that can turn your attacker visionless.



Pen Knife

This one is very tricky.   It’s a knife in a pen’s body, an ordinary real pen that you can actually use.  Who would suspect that you’ve got a knife with you?


Tactical Pen

Just like the penknife, they look like your ordinary everyday jot-it-down pen, but it could save your life.   It may seem like your regular pen but made of metal, and the practical tactic is to surprise your attacker.


Self-Defense Keychain

These are cute kitty keychains that have grooved knuckles with pointed cat ears – perfect everyday self-defense gear that can be easily slipped into your pocket.


Personal alarms

This tiny self-defense gadget is very safe and lightweight, ideal for your girls.  They come in cute colors and designs.   Schoolgirls can just hang it on their bags or anywhere close to them where it’s easy to reach.   As little as they are, these cute alarms can protect you as it attracts other people’s attention, warning them that you are in need of help.  The attacker might panic because of this.


Be Prepared and Have Presence of Mind to Surprise Your Attacker

An effective defense is one with an element of surprise.   These are inconspicuous gadgets which will only be useful to you if you know how to use them properly.  One preparation you should do is to get familiar with them, practice using them with safety precautions on your side and be sure you aim well.   Never lose grip, or you will render it useless. “Working with a horse can also train women to be powerful. If you can control and subdue a frightened or angry 1200 pound horse, using a stud chain, whip, or whatever it takes, you learn your power,” according to psychiatrist Judith Eve Lipton, M.D.


Besides these cool gadgets, there are also apps you can download in your phones.   These apps allow you to press a button simply and your friends and family will be informed that you are in a dangerous situation.   It has a tracker so they can locate you and immediately send out help.


All these gadgets and apps have their drawbacks.   Still, the best tactic is prevention and keeping yourself safe at all times.   “Awareness is the first step,” according to Darlene Lancer, JD, MFT. Avoid dark alleys and walking alone at night if possible.  Be prepared and keep calm.   Presence of mind is the best self-defense weapon you must carry with you at all times.