Spot The Threat (Woman’s Safety Awareness)


It is not always that a woman knows how to handle situations involving any kinds of harassment. According to psychologist Mariana Plata, “There’s nothing anyone can or should do to give permission to another person to physically or emotionally invade and/or hurt someone else. Why do we keep making women responsible for their abuse? More importantly, what are the different faces of the violence we keep normalizing?” There are cases that she can never identify if the current state is dangerous or not. Sometimes, she cannot even recognize the right moment to seek help because there are situations that are too ordinary to doubt. But in all honesty, that is not an excuse. A woman should exert an effort in spotting the threat in every situation. That is regardless of her location, and the people she currently hangs around. She must take full responsibility in identifying unsafe conditions to protect herself from the likes of dangerous people.


What She Can Do

In public places, some women feel confident and safe. That is because they believe a lot of people can immediately act and help her if there is unfortunate harassment. However, in some times, it is not always safe to be surrounded by a lot of people. Some instances, the tendency of the having too many people around can lead to misidentification of the harasser. Some culprits use the public to create a diversion. With that, it becomes impossible to determine the suspect. It will help a woman in public places if she focuses on the critical areas. These are things or people in front of her, left and right sides, and behind her. By focusing on these specific areas when she is in a public space, she will be able to increase her awareness rate. Psychologist George Simon argues that “these covert manipulators intentionally say and do things to get what they want — for power and control.”

Of course, there is always a benefit of the doubt when a woman is alone in a particular location. It is easy to think about the imminent danger. However, some women ignore common-sense because they rely on the well-lighted setting. Some believe that because the place is not dark, there will never be a case of harassment. That is entirely wrong. Regardless of the site is well-lit, as long as a woman is all by herself, there is a significant amount of tendency that she will be in danger. The lights will never guarantee safety, and that is a fact. A woman must consider using the place to her advantage by creating some sounds and attracting other people towards her. She should not feel confident with those lights because it can never do anything to save her in the end.


In the presence of someone who is trying to help, a woman is vulnerable in trusting this stranger. Some cases that simple assistance begins with full confidence. However, regardless of how much a person looks courteous and trustworthy, always put the benefit of the doubt. A woman should never entrust herself on a person she knows nothing about. It is a basic rule that will keep her safe from most of the times. She should not feel at ease when someone is showing her affection or giving her some gifts. A woman must put in mind that there are always two types of dangerous people. That is the one that will cause harm instantly and the one that will plot a dangerous act. “Ancient wisdom to “know your enemy” is good advice when dealing with a manipulator.” This is according to marriage and family therapist Darlene Lancer, JD, MFT.

Women should spot the threat. Please share to increase awareness.