Street Smart Guides For Solo Women Travelers

Traveling need not be scary. If you are a woman, chances are there are a lot of things going on inside your mind right now about becoming a solo traveler. Your stomach churns, and you start growing anxiously excited about how things will turn out once you step out of the plane of a place that doesn’t speak your language and is of foreign terrain.



Before considering traveling solo, you have to ask yourself the most important questions:


  1. Where am I going to stay? How safe is the environment around that area?
  2. Do I intend on making new friends or learning the language?
  3. What are the modes of transportation?
  4. If something horrible happens to me (knock on wood), what should I do?
  5. How about communication and the internet?
  6. What places should I visit and how can I get there safely?
  7. Who should I contact in cases of emergency?


These are the most common questions that you need to ask yourself and eventually answer if you’ve decided to go on a solo journey of discovering new places and experiencing a variety of cultures and traditions. Remember, “Criminals look for easy targets,” says Sherry Hamby Ph.D. These questions sound dreary and overwhelming, but these can save you from a lot of ordeals on foreign land.


A Leap of Faith


Women these days are stronger, braver, more resilient, and are far more confident than ever before; which is why the concept of traveling abroad is so appealing. Solo women travelers could pull off a successful and safe journey if they know what to do in every scenario.


Woman Hacks for Traveling


If you’re a rookie traveler or someone who has already been traveling and just decided to go solo going overseas, you have to focus a lot of your attention in planning and researching the details of your travel. Exploring a place you’ve never been before can be quite overwhelming; therefore, it is of primary importance that you don’t skip acquiring all the necessary information about your destination. Remember, going solo doesn’t mean you go YOLO. “The struggle is often to find a balance between setting limits and providing safety, accepting our own limits to control things, and living with uncertainty,” says F. Diane Barth L.C.S.W.


Here are some of the street-smart hacks you can consider when journeying to a foreign land:


  1. Follow Your Gut

More often than not, women have this behavior of talking to someone or staying at a particular place longer than she needs to, just to be polite; this is not particularly wise, especially if you are feeling uneasy about a specific situation. Remember that there are places in the world that are full of misfits and thieves who take advantage of vulnerable tourists, be it, men or women. If your gut tells you that you are in imminent danger, listen to it and scram. Being rude than be in trouble is okay. “Proactive perception allows you to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your wallet, as you enjoy both sales and safety,” Wendy L. Patrick, JD, Ph.D.


  1. Note Down Important Numbers


Upon arrival, some airports have a concierge to assist tourist or provide information. Don’t hesitate to ask for the contact numbers of local authorities and your consulate or embassy.


  1. Do Your Research


Spontaneity is exciting but flimsy and dangerous. Embarking on a serendipitous journey to find the next best thing, either an interesting museum or an enigmatic temple, does not mean throwing in the dice and whichever comes up is your next stop. You can give yourself that experience once you’ve been adequately acquainted with the place, its environment, and the people. Don’t end up on a standstill figuring out where to go or where to stay. Planning saves you a lot of time and energy.




Just because you’re a woman, doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy travels on your own. It might be frightening at first, but when you’ve prepared an escape plan just in case some random crisis occurs, you will be alright. No place is safe; this is true even in your neighborhood. So treat every travel like it’s your first, carry these street-smart guides, and tread safely.