Stress Management 101

Do you feel grumpy lately because of experiencing too much stress at work? Are you having difficulty in balancing all the things that you need to accomplish in a given period? Is it challenging on your part to prevent stress from affecting your day-to-day life? If you answered yes, then be sure to read this article from start to finish. The happy truth is that there are several ways on how you can outsmart stress.



Here are some of the tips and tricks to remember to ensure that you will become good at stress management:


Take A Deep Breath


Whenever you feel like things are starting to overwhelm you, the best thing to do is to take a deep breath and rest. Do not let a stressful situation take hold of you. Instead, handle it like a pro by pausing for a minute and remind yourself that you have what it takes to control the way you react to things. “Deep breathing encourages our body’s relaxation response. Other calming and stress-reducing activities include progressive muscle relaxation, guided imagery, Tai chi and yoga,” says Marla W. Deibler, PsyD.


Keep A Positive Attitude


When things do not happen or end up the way you want them to be, the first thing to do is to feel sorry about it. However, it does not necessarily mean that you will continue to blame yourself for this shortcoming. Instead, use it as a chance or an opportunity to appreciate all the other best things in your life. Keep your head up high and attract positivity in your life. Consistently doing this will prevent you from experiencing stress. “Negative thoughts are just a part of life, but they don’t have to consume you. Instead of trying to ignore those thoughts altogether, try countering them with positive statements.” A remidner from Licensed clinical psychologist John Mayer, Ph.D.



Exercise Regularly


Aside from having a balanced diet, it is also best to keep yourself physically active most of the time. “Exercising regularly is one of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce the symptoms of ADHD. Exercise has been shown to improve concentration, motivation, memory, and mood. ” Staci Lee Schnell, MS, CS, LMFT said. This means that it is essential to invest in exercising on a daily basis. All you need is to set aside at least thirty minutes of your time to do physical activities. Do not worry because there is no necessity to go to the gym to achieve your fitness goals. You also have the option to do home exercises.


Be Good At Time Management


One of the reasons why you are suffering from stress is because you are always in a rush. You want to accomplish several tasks in just a short span of time. You keep on multi-tasking even if you are already busy with too many activities. Take note that being too busy can lead to chronic stress. For this reason, you must learn how to be good at time management. Keep a calendar of activities for the week or month so that you will not get lost with your schedule.



Get Enough Sleep


Did you know that insomnia or lack of sleep could cause a sudden spike in your stress levels? Have you noticed that you act negatively if you did not get sufficient sleep at night? The moment your body feels that it is not getting the right amount of sleep at night, it will give you more reasons to be annoyed the following day. When this continues to happen, you will be surprised with how it can cause too much stress.


To learn more about how to be an expert in handling stress, be sure to visit the BetterHelp website today. They also have articles that you can read in your spare time.