The Best Self-Defense For Women  [Different Martial Arts For Women] 

 They say “chivalry is dead,” but nowadays it is less of women’s concerns. This world projects a lot of dangers even to the most peaceful people. Back then violence only shows when you look for it, but today, it shows up anytime, anywhere, and it could happen regardless of age or gender. Women are often believed to be weak in nature. It is general knowledge that they are physically incapable of defending themselves from attackers, especially when attackers are men. 




Despite the physical disadvantage of women, they can learn self-defense such as martial arts to protect themselves from people who will try to hurt them. There isn’t just one, but there are a lot to choose from based on the learner’s preference. 


What Are The Best Martial Arts For Women? 


  • Aikido 


Aikido originated from Japan. It focuses on using the energy to neutralize an attack rather than engaging in a battle. It believes the spiritual drive has a significant contribution to our movement and strength. 


  • Brazilian Ji Jutsu 


Brazilian Ji Jutsu is originally from Brazil and focuses on ground fighting. It is a perfect form of self-defense for sexual assault as it teaches techniques on how to escape when immobilized on the ground. 


  • Jeet Kune Do  


Jeet Kune Do is a combination of other self-defense techniques such as taekwondo and boxing. It focuses on speed, timing, footwork, and body coordination. It also teaches how to use improvised weapons and how to use your surrounding as a weapon. The neatest thing about this technique is that it is from the world-renowned martial artist Bruce Lee. 




  • Judo 


Judo is also from Japan. It is more of throws and submission, making it perfect for self-defense. The objective of this technique is to take down and pin the attacker more than inflicting damage. 


  • Krav Maga 


Krav Maga is originally from Israel and was intended for their defense force. It is a form of self-defense technique that teaches how to use different parts of the body as a weapon or defense when being attacked. 


  • Muay Thai 


Muay Thai is from Thailand and is a beneficial form of martial arts for defending yourself. It uses mainly the head, knees, and elbow to inflict damage to the attacker. It also teaches how to shield and withstand an attack and how to lock the opponent. 


  • Taekwondo 


Taekwondo is originally from Korea. It focuses on the strength of the lower extremities that’s why it gives women an advantage because they tend to have less power in their upper extremities. 





Knowledge in one of these martial arts is an advantage for women, especially now that crimes are rampant on the streets. Women’s safety is always in question, and they would usually need a man to protect and defend them. 


But now that people have mastered the art of defending and protecting oneself, women can now learn various ways to lessen their fear when they are out in public. They can be sure that they will be able to prevent horrible situations such as being robbed, harmed, or raped.