Warning Signs Of A Harmful Person According To A Psychiatrist 

The number of crimes committed against women on the streets is hard to overlook. Every day, women get robbed, harmed, or raped. It is alarming and saddening because women can avoid these things if they know about being street smart. “I think that all women need training in self-protection, be it model mugging, martial arts, shooting or guard dogs, because violence against women is a real and present danger, and it will never go away,” says Judith Eve Lipton M.D.


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We have consulted a psychiatrist and asked him what the signs of a suspicious person are. We need to let our women be aware of these signs to save them from being harmed. 


Signs Of A Suspicious Person In The Streets: 


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  1. If you notice a person staying and staring at you for too long, that is a sign that you need to getaway. Go to the nearest safe and call for help if you are alone. 


  1. If you observe someone who might be taking pictures of you like they’re holding their phones seeming just to browse, but the camera is looking straight at you, that is undoubtedly creepy and a sign for you to move away. 


  1. If you are walking on the street and someone keeps following you wherever you go, gradually increase your speed and go to the nearest police station or house you can knock-on. Pretend to know the one who will answer the door and ask for help. Also if you have a phone, it is smart to call anyone for help. 


  1. If someone approaches you and asks you bizarre questions or if you notice that he is just deceiving you to stay, avoid him by saying you have an emergency and you need to go. 


  1. If a person is wearing something that is too concealing like a hat, jacket, and sunglasses and has all the above description, be watchful and ready to flee. 


Nowadays, being streetsmart can save women from being harmed or offended. According to psychiatrist Swati Mittal, “Books are good at teaching us specific skills but when it comes to dealing with everyday situations and problems of life you need to have streetsmart understanding of the way the world around you works. Only then can you survive and make the best of your life.” Of course, prevention is better than cure they say, so before they get involved in horrible situations, it is best that they know the things they need to avoid doing when in the streets. 


Here is also a list of the things they should avoid doing when outside the house: 


  1. Avoid wearing provocative clothes because you can get too much attention and be a target of evil people ready to commit a crime. 


  1. Avoid talking on the phone when you are on the street. Be attentive to your surroundings. 


  1. Avoid walking on dark roads alone. Isolated places are where crimes take place because there is less chance you can ask for help.  


  1. Don’t go anywhere with a stranger. No matter how good they seem, don’t trust anyone you just met.  


  1. Don’t stay out too late even when you’re with friends and especially when you are alone. Remember that most crimes happen after midnight when people are already sleeping. 


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It is not okay to judge people based on their looks or behaviors because not all of us know the proper etiquette when dealing with people in public. Some people who are staring too long may just be appreciating you or the view. Some may seem to be oddly behaving as they may be going through a hard time in life and are probably just thinking about a solution to a problem. But regardless, being vigilant and streetsmart can save you from a thousand regrets. 

Psychiatrist Judith Eve Lipton, M.D. wrote, “Parents: Don’t trust the world to guard your daughters. Teach them to think defensively, and be prepared to fight for themselves.”