When You’re Out To Watch Your Favorite Band


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Watching your favorite band may be one of the many exciting things on your bucket list. Imagine the thrill, excitement, and the crowd! But with all the news about bombings and shootings in crowded places particularly schools and concerts, it is just the right attitude to be vigilant about your safety. “Staying safe is not about paranoia or about worrying that a dangerous person could come into your life at any moment,” says Mary Ellen O’Toole Ph.D.


When in a crowd, there are many risks and threats to your health and safety. One may fear of being contaminated with a contagious disease which could happen with just the person next to you sneezing. There’s also the fear of having an evil-minded person lurking around planning to bomb the whole place. The list of your worries is just endless.


Here Are Some Simple Reminders Of The Things You Can Do To Lessen Your Worries:


  1. Bring A Hand Sanitizer


Sanitize your hands whenever you have to touch your face or eat. Remember that a place that holds hundreds or thousands of people have millions of germs, bacteria, virus or anything that can put our health at risk. There is no way to detect who can contaminate you or not, so better do yourself a favor and protect yourself from possible dangers.


A bottle of alcohol will also do if you don’t have a hand sanitizer as long as it does the job of eliminating germs. Also, just be discreet when you put some because you don’t want to offend the people around you making them think you are grossed out by them.


  1. Avoid Touching Anything


It is through the hands that we usually get sick. Hands roam around touching everything, and the germs are transferred to the face and mouth when you wipe your face or munch something without sanitizing your hands first. There’s a possibility that you get contaminated with the germs from the surfaces you come in contact with which had probably been touched by thousands. You can keep your hands in your pocket or close your fists and keep them in your body. Avoid touching anything around you.


  1. Bring Some Tissue


You need something to wipe you sweat or any liquid that may spill on you. Be prepared and bring some tissue in your purse or pocket. Believe it or not, you will need it! Also, don’t just throw your used tissue anywhere. Be sensitive and throw them in the right place or you can keep them in your pocket while you haven’t found a trash bin. Be mindful of the people who will clean the venue after.


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  1. Find A Place Near The Emergency Exit


You don’t want anything to happen, but it doesn’t hurt to be very careful when you’re out in a crowd and a closed place. Find a spot where you can easily access the emergency exit. Studies show that most of the casualties occur when people are panicking altogether and trying to find a way out. If securing a place near the emergency exit is not possible, just make sure where to go when incidents arise.


  1. Arrange A Meeting Place In Case Of Emergency


Yes, you can use your cell phone in case of emergency, but it will be best if every one of you is prepared and know where you need to go in case something happens. This way, you can focus on where you’re going and be more attentive to what’s happening around rather than panicking with your cell phone. According to research psychologist Steve Casner Ph.D., “We can use those same cognitive faculties to take back control of our own safety. We just need to put a little more thought into it.”


  1. In Case Of A Stampede, Move Away From The Crowd


You have probably heard it on the news where some people get hurt or worst die during a stampede, and you have probably wondered how can that happen. Well, stop wondering and make sure you don’t get stuck into one yourself. When you get into a situation like a stampede, move sideways away from the crowd and press yourself against the wall until you are free. Then find the nearest exit that you can access.


  1. Bring Your Own Drink


When you’re out to watch a concert, chances are you will be falling in line for the rest of the night. Save yourself some time and bring your own bottle of drink. You can put a bottle of soda or water in the freezer just a few hours before the concert, so it will be cold when you bring it to the event. Not only will it save you time but it can also avoid the stress of melding in a crowd and waiting for a drink. If you bring your own, you’d be standing safe and sound in your spot waiting for the show to start.



Source: pexels.com


There are a lot of ways where you can be vigilant when you’re out in a concert. “By implementing these safety precautions proactively, we can significantly reduce the potential risk of death with our loved ones,” advises Jacqueline Getchius, MA, LPCC. It is just right to think about your safety, but don’t overthink that you’d forget why you’re there in the first place – enjoy and have fun! You’re not there to battle with the crowd. After you have made all the necessary precautions, you live at the moment and enjoy your favorite band!