Woman’s Mental Health Empowerment – Why You Shouldn’t Tolerate Harassment

Harassment is by far the worst thing that can ever happen to a woman. It represents an unwanted verbal or physical behavior that intends to humiliate and emotionally destroy a person. There are different forms of harassment. It could be verbal, physical, and emotional. It also relies on particular reasons, such as racial issues, gender inequality, disability, religious belief, and status. However, the most common form of harassment is sexual. It is where an environment becomes unfriendly and unsafe for women. That is due to an intended derogatory joke, sexually impractical statements, insults in overall appearance, and enforced physical connection.

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The unfortunate truth about sexual harassment is that most women often ignore it. They believe that tolerating its every structure gives them the edge of not making a big deal out of the particular behavior. That despite being inappropriate, their ability to forgive and forget everything is more considerably necessary than throwing some complaints. But that is entirely the problem. Because when more women ignore sexual harassment, the more it becomes a normal thing even though it is not.

The Emotional And Mental Struggle Of Fighting For What Is Right

Understandably, there are instances that women feel betrayed. That is when they become a victim of harassment, but the world sees the situation differently. That particular thing is what we call “victim-blaming.” It is where other people see no wrong with the behavior, primarily if it does not involve any serious issues like touching a woman’s private parts. In some cases, society agrees to let it slip because, as what most people say, “it is just normal.” But most people are blind and stupid to acknowledge that some women struggle in proving themselves to everybody.

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Consider Harassment As An Unforgivable Violation

Women shouldn’t tolerate sexual harassment just because others think of it as a normal thing. It is not. It will never be. Being sexually harassed can take a toll on a woman’s mental health. It can make them lose their self-confidence instantly, and it can break them into a million pieces. In some unfortunate instances, it can cause severe mental trauma that can lead to self-harm and suicide. Sexual harassment is inappropriate in any circumstances. No words can describe how filthy and uncomfortable it is. Thus, people should recognize the need to stop tolerating it and treating it as if others are entitled to do it.

Women shouldn’t tolerate sexual harassment, even if the offender apologizes. The problem with most cases is that women sometimes get forced to forgive the perpetrator. It happens all the time, especially because there is not enough evidence to prove that it existed. Or sometimes, the incident occurred a long time ago, so complaining about it becomes entirely useless. As a result, everyone tries to forget about it. But does it change anything? No, it did not. In fact, the victim would still linger on the event that she was or almost got molested by someone she may or may not know. It becomes an uphill battle because of the anxiety and fear that comes with the whole idea of probable sexual assault.

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Women shouldn’t tolerate sexual harassment just because they believe that it won’t happen again. Most times, the behavior gets excused because of the amount of considerations women set as a standard. They often let it slip because it only occurred once, twice, or trice. And when committed by different individuals, the strikes tend not to count. The problem with this is that ignoring the consequences leads to acceptance. Meaning, instead of women complaining about harassment, they become used to it. That even if they are aware of their situation, they would instead not do anything to stop it.

Women shouldn’t tolerate harassment because the behavior is not at all tolerable. It is not ideal to think that letting it slip can make people live more quiet and peaceful. Harassment is a crime. It intends to hurt individuals physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. It is an act that should never require negotiations. It is improper, malicious, degrading, and all in all devastating. Women should not tolerate it even if they know the person who did it. There is no excuse for that. No one is entitled to do it.

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A Reminder To All The Women Out There

It is your sole responsibility to stand up for yourselves, especially when sexual harassment is present. Never be ashamed of telling how you feel about sexual aggravation because that is the only thing that can save your overall health. Be mindful of taking action accordingly. Never settle for less and always treat yourself better. Never allow yourself to feel you are less than a human because you are a woman. You are more than what you believe or think you are. You are a woman who can do a lot of things, sometimes even better.