It’s Time To React – End Violence against Women




In our society, women are prone to all sorts of physical, sexual, and psychological violence.

“Domestic violence and abuse are among the top precursors for developing depression and anxiety during adolescence and later in adult life. Sometimes the violence is between partners, other times it’s between parents and children and often it’s a family dynamic between all members of the household,” said by Mihaela Bernard, MA, LCPC.

“Sexual abuse can happen to both men and women in and out of a marital relationship. In a relationship with a narcissist, however, that abuse becomes magnified. For the narcissist, sexual abuse is used to control your behavior, elevate their feelings of superiority, reenact their fantasies (not yours), and paralyze you,” according to Christine Hammond, MS, LMHC.

“Psychological abuse leaves no visible marks and often remains hidden within families, romantic relationships, toxic individuals and groups, cults and organizations of various religious and non-religious orientations. Mental, emotional and spiritual abuse leaves lasting damage to a person’s sense of self, confidence and ability to navigate life successfully,” says registered psychologist Christiana Star.

These affect all levels and types of status in life. In unfortunate events, violence causes a deep emotional dilemma that sometimes leads to certain mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression. So how can we tell that a woman is under the pressure of harassment and abuse? Well, sometimes we can’t. That’s because we somehow tend to ignore most of the signs and think about everything as normal.


“Boys Will Be Boys”

We often consider men as the Alpha. It is where we condition our mind that men are capable of doing anything. Sometimes, due to the harsh reality, we don’t complain about it at all. We consider it a waste of time because we know at the back of our mind that a complaint will never stop them from doing what they are capable of.


“You’re My Wife, So Do As I Say”

When it comes to marriage and relationships, most of us women feel hopeless, especially in times when our partners tend to force us to do things we don’t want to. It somehow makes us think that marriage is an excuse to give our spouses an entitlement to do whatever they want to us and make us feel weak and vulnerable to violent actions.


“Hi Baby, Nice Ass”

It may utterly seem normal, but catcalling is not a sign of compliment. We sometimes create different judgments based on personal standards. In all honesty, we allow catcalling whenever the person meets our list of preferences, specifically the physical aspects. On the other hand, we tend to complain and consider the act as an abuse whenever that person does not quite reach our set of preferences.




“She’s Such A Slut”

Some men call women all sorts of degrading names. It creates an impact on their personality that affects their perception towards men. However, some women tend to be okay with that. They somehow acknowledge the statement and think of it as something that is common to say.


“She’s Alone”

Any minute, any time, any day, someone can attack a woman whenever she is alone. That’s because men have this mentality that a woman is weak whenever she is all by herself. They believe that she doesn’t know how to defend herself. Sometimes, by being alone, they assume that she’s asking for harassment.


“It Was Just A Slap”

Any kind of physical contact without consent, in particular, is considered sexual harassment.  However, there are times that we let it slip because as what they say “it was just a slap.” Most women consider the excuse and ignore the act thinking it did not somehow harm them at all.




Being a woman doesn’t mean we should let men take over our rights. The gender inequality and stereotypes are the leading causes of rooted violence, but that does not support the idea that we shouldn’t practice self-defense. It’s time to react, and the violence must end now.