Self-Defense Gadgets For Women On The Go

It’s not about being paranoid, but let’s admit it, the streets are becoming more and more unsafe for women, young and old.   Cases of violence and harassment against women and girls are increasing day by day, and statistics say that 45% of women don’t feel safe walking alone at night. “When individuals experience their world as particularly threatening and unsafe, their risk of emotional distress and mental illness escalates,” says Lyn Yonack, MA, MSW, BCD-P.

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Potential Attacker: Noticing One and Dealing With It

Every criminal has his own reason for causing harm to his victim. These reasons may be highly essential or basic, depending on the attending circumstances on each case. There is no hard and fast rule to determine whether an assault is going to happen in your person or property. Luckily, body language can indicate whether there is an impending attack that is going to happen to you. Make sure to know these to avoid becoming a victim of ruthless attackers. “A sad reality is that the criminal (like most predators) will always seek out the weak and insecure,” says psychologist Betty Grayson and Morris Stein.


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Women’s Tips On Avoiding Assault In The Street




When you are out on the streets, there is a high possibility that you may encounter assailants who may cause troubles or even harm to yourself. “The struggle is often to find a balance between setting limits and providing safety, accepting our own limits to control things, and living with uncertainty,” says F. Diane Barth L.C.S.W. Luckily, there are many things that you can do to prevent his from happening. Safety is something emphasized by

Below is a list of some tips and tricks on how to avoid assault in the street.

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